9 Ways A Criminal Record Can Affect You and Your Family

We all make mistakes sometimes and do what we are not supposed to. However, some errors could land you on the wrong side of the law. Once you are charged with an offense, and it goes on your record, it will never go away. Your past will always lurk around the corner, reminding you of what you did. Here is an article explaining the numerous ways a criminal record can affect you and your family.

Loss of driving privileges

Depending on the severity of your offense, the authorities might take your driver’s license from you. Your license might be suspended for 180 days if your criminal charges involve alcohol, substance abuse, or other hard drugs. Your family members might need someone else to ferry them across town until you get your license back.

Limited or loss of child custody

The law is very serious about who gets to care for innocent and defenseless children. If your charges involved domestic violence, rape, or substance abuse, you might lose custody of your kids. A misdemeanor involving violent acts around family won’t let you off the hook either. You will be lucky to have a few supervised visits every month with your kids. Loss of custody means less time your kids spend with you.

Loss of professional licenses

You cannot obtain a healthcare license if you have a history of criminal charges, even though they are minor ones, like a misdemeanor. If you were already practicing as a nurse or a doctor by the time you got charged with a crime, you might have your professional license withdrawn. The loss of income might toss your family deep into financial constraints, especially if you were the sole breadwinner.

Inability to adopt a child

The authorities and CPS only want what is best for the young ones. Therefore, they wouldn’t see it fit to leave a child in your care if you have been convicted of crimes involving domestic violence, drug abuse, and alcoholism. You will also be barred from adoption if you gave a child access to a firearm in the past.

Issues with immigration

You won’t get a chance to visit your dream country because immigration will deny you a visa if they find out you have a criminal record. Changing your citizenship or naturalization to a foreign country might also be next to impossible if your record isn’t clean. In such cases, deportation is a very likely outcome. It would be best to consult with criminal defense attorneys with a proven track record to advise you on the best action to take in this scenario.

Loss of employment

Managers and top executives have a right to conduct background checks on potential candidates applying for a job to determine if they are eligible. If they find out you have a criminal record, they might refuse to hire you. Without a job, you might not be able to support your family and provide for their needs.

Inability to rent or lease

Nobody would want to rent to an individual with a history of late payments or a criminal charge on their back. If you were charged with a major offense like sexual assault in the past, it won’t matter how much time has elapsed since you paid for your crimes. Suppose you were urgently hunting for a family home to move into and get your family settled. The constant refusal could take its toll on your family or force you to live with someone else before you find a landlord who will agree to let you sign the lease agreement despite your past.

Limited changes in college admission

Some colleges and institutions of higher learning have strict policies surrounding admitting individuals with a history of crime. A misdemeanor can limit your chances of getting into a good school. You might have to keep hunting till you find one that will admit you. On the other hand, an offense related to sexual crimes or drug abuse will make it next to impossible to gain admission to college or graduate school.


A firearm is a dangerous weapon that could cause harm in the wrong hands. In states like Texas, you could lose your right to own a gun after being convicted of a crime like a Class A misdemeanor. If you don’t already have a gun, the Texas Department of Public Safety will not issue you a firearm license, even though you have distanced yourself from your tumultuous past.

Final remarks

Now that you understand how bad things can become for you after a criminal charge, it would help to stay on your best behavior and avoid run-ins with the law. If you happen to face accusations of criminal nature, then take the right steps to fight for your rights. Speak to a reputable criminal defense attorney to help you fight back.

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