#8 – Delaware – United States of America – Facts

Learn about Delaware in 1 minute – Location, Borders, Flag, Seal, Population, Median Income and Capital

This is great way for children and adult to learn about each state in less than a minute.

#8 – Delaware – United States of America – Facts

Delaware know as the First State, as it is the 1st state to ratify the constitution

Capital – Dover

Delaware as the “Home of Tax Free Shopping,” and it is one of only five states without sales tax. Other states without sales tax are Alaska, Oregon, Montana and New Hampshire.

67.8% of Delaware Fortune 500 companies are Delaware entities.
Over 89% of all companies that held an IPO in 2019 were Delaware corporations.

Delaware is a Mid-Atlantic States, borders Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean.

Did you notice the semi-circular border between Delaware and Pennsylvania. It was drawn at the time of the original land grants to William Penn from King Charles II and the Duke of York.


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